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RivCoDCSS Legal Ethics Update (MCLE)



Please join us for our Legal Ethics Update training class! This event is FREE! The class will provide an update on ethical topics that attorneys who work in the public sector should be aware of. The presentation will include a discussion on the responsibility of an attorney as an officer of the court, professional responsibility and conduct, and ethical principles for a public lawyer. The presentation will touch on:


  • Rule 1.1-New State Bar Ethics Rules
  • California Lawyers Assn. Formal Ethics opinion no. 2001-1
  • proposed formal opinion interim no. 14-001 Colleague Impairment 02/26/21
  • Business & Professions Code Section 6068 (b)


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🏤RivCo DCSS Serving in our community @ Mecca FRC 8am-4:30pm

Mecca Community Family Resource Center: Every Wednesday 8am-4:30pm

Did you know we come to your community and assist with child support services? We will provide up-to-date on-site case assistance. If you have specific questions about your case or if you want to inquire about opening a case, come by and visit us! We are here to better serve you! 


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